Embodying Celebrity

Wow, I never thought I would be famous; to embody celebrity! I always wanted it. No one thought it, and as far as I know, no one but me thinks it now!

How did I come to this celebrity? Walking – go figure! Walking. Oh, yeah, AND listening. I am so externally driven, even now, even having spent 60 years in this human body, I am still interested in what is happening outside of me. I sometimes look inside, but this is always forced. I sit and meditate – just to try & listen. I contemplate while sitting outside watching the birds – just to try & listen. But, I hear those sounds around me – coyotes, birdies, bees – and  wouldn’t you know? I am focused outside AGAIN!

I was listening to a podcast that my daughter sent my way. She always has great suggestions for thought-provoking programming. So, on my walk, I listened; very intently, after all – it was external! It was a podcast of an interview with a woman who is my contemporary…very famous. When I was growing up, I often thought about her when I heard about her in the news. She was a celebrity from the time she was born – she was one of the original “kardashians” – someone famous just for being who they were. When I was a teen, I remember hearing about her on the news and thinking, “Geez, there she is on national news; we’re the same age; I wonder what she’s got that I don’t? I wonder why I am not on national news?” Even then I wanted celebrity, even though it was weird to think that people were famous for “who they were.”

But this interview was magical. I heard a woman, a woman my own age, talking about life in a manner that I have been known to talk. Even some of her phrases could have been taken out of a chapter of my book. “Hmmm,” I pondered as I listened. “Imagine, a famous woman, one who has caught my attention throughout my life, saying things about my life that I have said!

Well, first my heart cracked open. I am always genuinely touched to hear that others think about life in a deep way, feel about life and it’s unfolding in an emotionally profound way….and then I cried.

I cried – for all the times I wished I was someone else, longing to have someone else’s life, because mine didn’t feel important- that I was not famous; I didn’t have celebrity, and therefore not important.

And then I cried some more – for the validation I received in listening to her talk about her experiences. She was famous, but her life experiences were so similar to mine. All this life I have felt isolated, and here it was – validation!

And then I cried some more – with the realization that I did have celebrity- whatever that means., realizing that this is just a word, purposefully or not, meant to label and then divide. “But no, my dear,” I told myself. We ARE all the same.

AND…here was the proof. A woman labeled as famous, as a celebrity, and I, have shared the same feelings, and thoughts, about this experience we call life. Imagine – A celebrity in my own right!


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