This word is packed with powerful emotion, and hits – at least for me – many, many facets of daily life.

I have been struggling with self-worth, well, for probably all of my life. And when I say, “whole life,” I mean every breathing moment since that first day of December, 1957. Whew! Has it been worth it? I have to chuckle at the pun – intended.

I love to read questions on http://www.quora.com, where people ask other people questions about so, so many things, and today I read responses to this question, “What is not worth doing in life?” Here is the first answer to the most recent response (thanks, Dheeraj Sarupria):

  1. Convincing someone to realize your value – Never spend your precious time on pleasing someone who doesn’t realizes your worth. Stop doing too much for people

I was so surprised! Really? I could possibly be doing too much for others? Could it be that pleasing others is not something that I should have “first & foremost” in my mind? Hmmm, I have to consider this…

Yeah- enough of considering- It feels great to consider this MO. Just thinking about it gives me such spaciousness around my heart! I have spent my life doing just this- trying to please others. I even say something like this, “I have always done the right thing, and where has it gotten me?”

Well, FUCK that! I am done! I am here to walk my own path, tell my own story, AND write my own story- You know what they always say, “Walk your own path.” Yep, something about reading that simple response really hit home with me, and settled right there around my heart.

Quick response – but now, I have to settle back in. This is where I, first and foremost, have to realize my own self-worth. Then, and only then, will I feel that I move through the world writing my own story; following my own path. Therein lies the work! And…it doesn’t mean that I won’t, sometimes, please others, or that sometimes, I will consider that I might put other’s needs or wants before mine. However, from hereon out, I will ALWAYS consider my needs, my wants, whom I am, my life, as I consider what I do for others!

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