On the morning of the first day of my new job, I have so many emotions floating around. Hmmm, a bit of excitement, throw in a dash of nervousness, and perhaps just a pinch of wondering. But…the overriding emotion has to be grief. Why grief, I ask myself? Isn’t grief an emotion reserved for those…Read more »


This word is packed with powerful emotion, and hits – at least for me – many, many facets of daily life. I have been struggling with self-worth, well, for probably all of my life. And when I say, “whole life,” I mean every breathing moment since that first day of December, 1957. Whew! Has it…Read more »


Miracle #1 – I awoke – to enjoy the day! Miracle #2 – I realize – that I am worthy! Miracle #3 – A hummingbird visited me while sitting on the porch. The small but mighty hummingbird – a symbol of the Divine! Miracle #4 – I realize – I am the Divine!

Embodying Celebrity

Wow, I never thought I would be famous; to embody celebrity! I always wanted it. No one thought it, and as far as I know, no one but me thinks it now! How did I come to this celebrity? Walking – go figure! Walking. Oh, yeah, AND listening. I am so externally driven, even now,…Read more »

Daily Prompt: Core

I am fully grounded as I sit and breathe before , during, and after my yoga practice. Sometimes, oh, maybe frequently, my mind wanders while practicing breath-work, but I still feel grounded. Perhaps so, because my sit bones are directly connected to the floor, or to the earth, and I am in the sacred space…Read more »


via Daily Prompt: Rebel There I was, all my life observing my “little brother,” who, while only 15 months younger than I, came out of the womb with all the courage one could hope for, or at least it seemed that way to me. How did he display that courage? Well, he was a rebel…Read more »